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Inventions working fine

Are you a creative person? Many of us would call us that and I do believe that this is something good because creativity might do to someone what art do the other ones. Yes, I do believe that this is something that has to be done and why not just try to get a hold of the things that are most important in life? For example we have the small valves that are good inventions made by great people and maybe this is something good. Yes, I do believe that this is a nice thing to do and why not ...

Dogs best friend

When having a dog ones biggest fear is to loose him or her. There is also a lot of dog thieves out there that only is looking for dogs to rob. They know that the dogs permit one to sell them to another owner for a high amount of money. That is why one should out on a tracking bracelet on the dog to be able to protect and follow it at any distance. These bracelets has to be charged once a week  and then the GPS signal will allow constant tracking.


Sometimes I go especially to a coffee house just for my favorite coffee, a large coffee glass with a lot of foamed milk. But recently I have bought a milk frothing device for at home. And I think I am addicted to that machine. Every moment is great with my own coffee. I am enjoying my coffee moments and also my friends know to find me because of my good coffee and my good companionship, I hope. Another aspect it that I have to buy a lot more milk in comparison we used to buy before. Just for a nice ...